Servicing Edmonton and the Surrounding Area

Service Rates High Powered Rotary Whip (Viper System)
Clean Air Package Regular Cost $140Package Price $99

  • Full Furnace Cleaning* (Single Furnace)
  • 10 Vents (Hot Air or Return)
Additional Services and Rates
Extra Vents $11 each
Extra Furnace* $30 each
High Efficiency Furnaces* $30 each
Air Conditioning $30 each
High Efficiency Furnace & Air Conditioning $30 each
Dryer vent $20 each

* Note furnace cleaning includes: removal of the furnace motor and fan, access and clean the heat exchangers, combustion area, motor, blower, sensors and the furnace chimney, full inspection of the furnace operation and report.

Minimum Service Call Charge $185

Prices are all inclusive + GST (no hidden charges). Some firms add extra fees to the bill “waste and materials handling”, “fuel charges”, “cutting access holes” – NOT Able Furnace Cleaners.